Most Popular Paint Color Trends in 2018

Are you looking for exclusive paint color for your living space? If yes, then have you considered the most popular color trends of today? When it comes to picking out the paint tints of various parts of the home, many of you follow the common shades being yellow, blue or pink walls. Most people fail to look around for new paint trends and then complain about a common outlook later. For those persons, several paint colors have been grown by many paint companies which allow the user to receive a distinguished home’s appearance. Many renowned paint companies have introduced the new range of pigment colors which they have designed to give a new and distinguished appraisal to home painting. The new range is being prepared with an extreme color combination which delivers a gorgeous look to home decor. If you are seeking for something unique furthermore, particular for your house, then pick the stylish one preceding any other person will do. Explore the list mentioned below :

Tropical tide: Blue and green are all-time favorite shades and this color is the right mixture of green and blue and mainly termed as Turquoise blue. Its soothing features made it perfect for warm and sunny places and seem to be an instant gateway.

Linden green: when it comes to approaching the shade of nature, green seems to be the first choice. Green turns to be a symbol of hope and symbolizes growth and nurturing. So, this color will continue to be important for those who want to celebrate and conserve nature.

Moore Sea Haze: This tint combines the gray color with a hint of green and yellow. When people look for quieter surroundings, they want to pick the gray one with a hint of yellow. Gray is a very popular shade and when it comes with a hint of green, it gives the most exclusive impression.

Indigo night: Looking for the color which allows you to run away? Then, switch over to midnight blue with toning of purple and sat down you from the hustle and bustle of life.

Salmon run: these days, pretty colors are in. To rule the marketplace; this shade appears with a tint of pink and an undertone of gray which makes it soothing for bedrooms where warm and soft touch embraced. Thus, it takes the topmost position in bedroom paint colors.

Classic French gray: Have wood or linen-like materials in your living room? If yes, then go for the sophisticated and elegant touch with this exclusive shade. Gray being in the mainstream soothes the beauty of such material and enhances its glamour.

Turning Oak Leaf: this is a type of feel-good shade which seems to make an optimistic environment, mostly suits the study room or sitting room. This luminous yellow tint actually depicts the transformation of colors from automotive to textiles which is predicted to rock the market trends.

The above paint tints and more are appearing with an exciting makeover and rumored to rule the coming year. If you want to give your living space a personal touch, then you can pick your favorite one for every room.

Why you need to hire a paint color consultant

Colors are an inherent part of our lives. No one can imagine this world without colors as they are meant to bring in joy, excitement, and energy to our lives. Every individual has its own choice of colors that soothe his mind and heart. This is the reason why different individuals use different colors to paint their homes. If you’re serious about color selection when painting your home, it is always good to seek help from one of the leading paint color consultants.

Being into paint industry for many years, these colors consultants can help you choose the right set of colors for your home. Different types of colors make a different effect on our mind. So, it is imperative to paint the walls of your home with right colors that give peace to your mind.
The most basic thing while choosing a particular paint color is its effect on your mind. Before meeting your consultant, try to look in magazines for pictures of rooms that inspire you. Always ask yourself: what effect are you willing to get; how do you want the painted rooms to feel when you enter them; and what do you want the color to say to you.

When your color consultant arrives, you both should walk through your home so he/she can get an idea of what effect are you looking for and which colors you like most. Make sure that anyone who is going to have a decision in this selection is present when consultant arrives. Tell your consultant if you are keeping your existing furnishings, cabinetry, flooring, and window treatments or buying new.

The main advantage you will get when taking the services of a color consultant is that they can help you determine an appealing room that will complement the room. Moreover, the consultant will help you decide on the hue and saturation with which you are comfortable.
After determining the colors, it’s time to create paint samples on white poster board and paste them to each wall in the room to be painted. Paint color can vary from wall to wall depending upon light exposure. Most paint companies now provide small cans of paint for sampling. Always discuss as much about the color you want with your color consultants as then only they can deliver your home with a rich and magnificent effect.

Well, if you’ve never used the services of a Color Image Consultant – or a Personal Image Consultant, as they’re sometimes known – you could be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

It’s a fact – you feel better when you look good. Your confidence level goes up, as does your self-esteem. If you think that sounds pretty shallow, don’t feel bad about it – feeling good about yourself is not only to be recommended but positively encouraged!

A Color Image Consultant can provide a variety of services, tailored to your requirements. To begin with, she will ask you various questions – by finding out a little about you, and your likes and dislikes – she will have a better idea of what will, or won’t, suit your personality before she gets to work.

Tips to Know When Preparing to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

When you rent your home or deal with any home improvement project, make sure you are
following a few key tips that will help the process go as much as possible. Unexpected situations occur and you cannot be inevitable, but taking time to prepare for the project over time can slow down the speed of escape that you enter during any project. When you drive out of your home, you take great
responsibility and preparation is often important for a well-conducted job.

The first thing you need to do is determine which color you want to use. For ideas, stay close to a neighbor or even through the Local Park or community. You have to copy another color scheme, but this can be a great way to get inspiration. Make sure you are regulated in color because frustration one day or the day you plan to start work can lead to delays and costs. Take your time and get the color
scheme you love. Remember, this will be one of the biggest things people see
when they see your home, so take your time.

The cost of work will vary greatly depending on the size of the house. Use everything
when calculating costs. You will need to consider the size of the house, the
type of color that you use, the number of exterior painting materials you need to buy (saving equipment is a good way to save money in future projects) and any accessories you need Cover
coverings close to the yards, including shrubs and shrubs. Try to think
everything and get the best idea of cost. Do you own a level? Do you need more
colored or roller beds? What about the bucket? I am Can you borrow some material
from a friend, family or neighbor?

Finally, you have two options. 1) Hire a house painter. For example, if you are living in Boulder, then look up painters in Boulder for your next painting project. 2) You can do it yourself. Set aside time enough to find work and to do it well. Do not make a big event on the same night that you planned to exterior painting a house. You can spend some time in the evening, but it’s best to leave the whole day, or even at the end of the week, to get a job.
If you have a friend or two to help, the job will be faster, but be
conservative with your temporary estimates you need to paint a home.

Tools you need to paint your House

o Drawing

o Case Caulk (you can return unused) guns around

o Masking tape

o non-cheap tarps

o your color

o 5-ounce cabbage with lid (usually $ 5 or free if you ask well)

o grid grid

o A 9-inch diameter frame

o Roller number

o brush (2.5-inch sash is best for beginners)

o bucket hook (depending on the color of your color at the level)


People fall roofs and stairs every day. Is your house higher than two stories? Do not
like that part, it’s not worth it. Falling over 16 feet may be bad. Employ
specialists to hit the top part of your home. However, people are often
surprised and they do not have SAVE when they paint the bottom themselves. You
should get a proposal for a whole house exterior painting of the second story, to put a budget on this.

Most falls occur when high levels are on the road or slicker face like a roadway, patio,
or real road. Make sure to merge your level, so it cannot run from your bottom,
and you can turn on the color.